PhD Thesis

 Yuichi Yokoyama: X-ray spectroscopy study of electronic states in transition metal compounds controlled by crystal structures (Jan. 2018) 

Master Thesis
 Kohei Yamamoto: X-ray diffraction and spectroscopy study of magnetism in Fe oxide and alloy thin films (Jan. 2017)

 Tomoyuki Tsuyama: Resonant soft x-ray scattering study on magnetic structures and their dynamics of perovskite-type iron-oxide thin films (Feb. 2015)

 Shugen Yamamura: X-ray spectroscopy and diffraction study on metal-insulator transition in iridium-oxide superlattices (Feb. 2014)

 Taichi Matsuda: Resonant soft x-ray diffraction study on long-period magnetic orders in iron and cobalt oxides (Feb. 2013)
Original Papers
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